Gemstones For The Modern Man

Men are becoming bolder and are making fashion statements in wearing ‘manly jewellery’ set with relatively inexpensive gemstones. Traditionally, the most popular gems worn by men were neutral coloured such as black onyx or agate, grey moonstone and mother of pearl. However, the more adventurous gentlemen today, wear [...]

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What is the Most Expensive Substance on Earth?

Something is expensive when it is rare, beautiful and in demand. Others are expensive because of the criminal risk in selling and buying them. Here are some interesting comparisons. Saffron = $11/gram             Beluga caviar = $30/gram             Gold = $48/gram               Rhino horn = $100/gram     Cocaine = $140/gram           [...]

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A Lost Diamond-Any Guarantee from a Jeweller?

Modern jewellery is often set with extremely small diamonds held by minute little claws. Of these, some may fall out due to normal wear and tear, or when the item suffers a hard knock.  If jewellery is worn during gardening, mountaineering, sporting activities, even washing of steel cutlery, [...]

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Caring for your Gems and Jewellery

Fine jewellery is a gift of nature and the jeweller’s art. Regular care and cleaning thereof will ensure a lifetime of pleasurable wear.      STORAGE Diamonds may be the hardest natural substance, but can still be scratched by another diamond or chipped and abraded if subjected to blows. Thus, [...]

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