Tourism – prepped and ready?

COVID will pass, and tourists will return...! Since the early 1990s, Prins & Prins Diamonds provided fine diamonds and jewellery to overseas tourists, and since April this year, we are in the same boat as other small and privately funded businesses that are dependent on tourism. We believe [...]

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How To Select Jewellery That Complements Your Skin Tone

GOLD JEWELLERY - White, green, purple, red or yellow ?   The traditional colour of gold jewellery is yellow and in cultures where gold has religious meaning, no other colour than yellow will be acceptable. Fashion in the nineties and thereafter demanded a “white” look and platinum and [...]

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Synthetic Gemstones and Gemstone Treatments

Before buying a coloured gemstone, you should know there are:   * Natural gemstones (from Mother Nature) * Synthetic gemstones (made by man) * Natural gems whose colour and clarity have been enhanced by man. and * Imitation gemstones (made from glass and plastics to look like natural [...]

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