Our business has an international reputation of quality and integrity. We believe a sustainable business is built on the cornerstone of trust, world-class expertise and the goodwill of our clients.

Prins & Prins is one of the few independent family businesses in our industry that still control each facet of the manufacturing processes, from the initial sourcing, cutting and polishing of diamonds, to designing and manufacturing the most exquisite and durable jewellery.

The Prins & Prins protocol, established in 1982, has been the foundation of our success. This protocol sets standards for our directors and staff and provides guidelines for conducting business in an ethical and responsible way.


We believe that the natural resources of our country, especially gold, platinum and diamonds, belong to its people and that it is the responsibility of our government as well as the private sector to add value to these precious commodities in order to create employment and to improve our industry.

Prins & Prins is committed to:
The highest standards of ethics and best business practices.
Compliance with all government policies and laws.
Total accountability to our clients and to our local community.
Providing a unique working environment for our employees.
Encouraging staff to belong to either a union or a professional association.
Conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Prins & Prins has life-long membership of the Jewellery Council of SA and the SA Jewellery Manufacturers Association. The enterprise is also an active member of Cape Town Tourism and an associate member of the Cape Tourist Guide Association.

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