For The Love of Natures Miracles

Dr Petre Prins is a gem, if you will please excuse the pun. For all staff at Prins and Prins, it is a delight and honour to work for one of the greatest gentlemen in the South African gems and jewellery world. His knowledge of gems, geochemistry and jewellery is unmatched. What also makes this wonderful man unique is his love of teaching, of imparting knowledge to his staff, industry colleagues and to all clients who have had the great experience of buying a gem or diamond from him over the past 40 years.

Here are some thoughts from Dr Petre Prins about gems and diamonds:

“Since pre-history, man has put value on something that is hard and indestructible, and when it is also pure, rare and beautiful its value knows no bounds. Moreover, if it has universal appeal, is small and transportable, then mankind needs it. A diamond is such a gem.


But for me, the greatest value of a diamond lies in its emotional appeal. It’s a symbol of love and appreciation which is passed on through generations. When a diamond is cut and polished we unlock its brilliance, make it come alive! And then I see a gem that was formed 3 billion years ago – a miracle of nature – that we have improved and have added value to. Isn’t that something?”


“A gem cut and polished perfectly – one that sparkles with fire, lustre and maximum brilliance – will light up the face of most women, and when given with love and appreciation, her heart melts. When a collector or investor buys a unique stone it provides not only pleasure but also value.   And then I am proud of what we do at Prins & Prins. We put life in a lifeless rough diamonds which then adds value to the life of many couples.”

“Natural diamonds are unique pieces of Mother Earth whose sparkle will bring joy to many, will serve as a store of value and as a symbol of love and appreciation – forever.”

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