LUMINEAUX DIAMONDS are natural diamonds from the new Prins & Prins LUMINEAUX DIAMOND Collection, that has been specifically and specially selected for :

  • its Medium to Strong Blue UV luminescence
  • the absence of any milky” or oily” look in direct sunlight
  • its Very good proportions.

All diamonds from this unique collection comes with certification by an international Gemological Laboratory.

image copyright GIA


What are Fluorescent diamonds?

A small percentage of natural diamonds glow with a luminous blue when exposed to Ultra Violet light. This phenomena is called Fluorescence, aka luminescence. A luminescent diamond will glow under dark light as used in night clubs or in direct sunlight.

How rare are Fluorescent diamonds ?

According to a 2020 scientific report from the American Gem Society (AGS) about 15% of diamonds exhibit UV Fluorescence.  Diamonds with very strong blue fluorescence account for 2-3.5% of all natural diamonds, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

How is fluorescence graded?

The intensity of the glow exhibited in a standard Gemological  Fluorescence test box is graded as None, Faint, Medium, Strong or Very Strong.

Is UV Fluorescence diagnostic of natural diamonds?

Yes, blue fluorescence occurs only in natural diamonds. Laboratory grown diamonds normally have no fluorescence, although some may exhibit a weak apple green or orange fluorescence.

Why do natural diamonds glow under UV light?

Natural diamonds were formed 2-3 billion years ago, under extreme pressures and temperatures, deep within the belly of Mother Earth.   98% of natural diamonds contain minute amounts (parts per million) of the element Nitrogen in its crystal structure. Under special conditions the nitrogen atoms in the diamond will be positioned in what is called N3 clusters. If enough of these N3-clusters are present they will transform the invisible UV light into a beautiful blue glow.

Does Fluorescence influence the appearance of a polished diamond ?

A 1997 study by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) found that the intensity of fluorescence has no perceptible effect on the colour or transparency of diamonds when viewed table down. In the table up position, diamonds of colours I to K with Strong or Very Strong fluorescence appeared to have better colours than less fluorescent stones.


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