Black Diamond ‘Starry Night’ Ring

18ct yellow gold Triptych ring design set with natural black and white diamonds. Pictured here, the ring is set with the following diamonds:

Diamonds:  3 = 0.68ct Black Round brilliant cut

Diamonds:  10 = 0.21ct G/H VS-SI Round brilliant cut

This ring is available to order. Order time is up to three weeks. Contact us for details, pricing and a personalized custom design experience.

Combining the brilliant white and subtle black of diamonds with the warm yellow of 18K gold provides various interpretations, our designer saw our solar system in the ring design – the dark expanse of the cosmos in which small white planets are sparkling, and a shiny yellow sun by day.  A unique ring for the adventurous woman who appreciates symbolism.

A three-stone ring, aka a trilogy ring, has been popular since medieval times, and its symbolism has varied over centuries. In medieval and renaissance times it represented the Holy Trinity, other times the sky, earth, and sea. Or father, mother, and child. More recently the three stones were thought to represent Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Whichever meaning speaks to you, a 3-stone ring will always have a special place in a woman’s heart.  Our three-stone collection carries the name Triptych, meaning a work of art consisting of 3 parts.