Platinum Infinity Diamond Ring

Platinum full eternity ring set with natural Diamonds.

Diamonds:  22 = 1.48ct DEF VS Round brilliant cut.

From the Land of Platinum and Diamonds and crafted with a passion for perfection by our master metalsmith, this Infinity Ring represents the best South Africa can offer. It contains nearly 1.5ct of colourless diamonds set in our platinum alloy made of 95% pure platinum, with 5% Rubidium to harden the metal. Thus the 950 specification. Platinum950 is the most durable jewellery metal and will not lose a milligram during a lifetime of hard-wearing. It is 30% heavier than gold and requires exceptional skills in crafting.  It is for the woman who appreciates quality and style and will provide a lifetime of pride and pleasure.

Full eternity rings are made to order in ten to 15 working days. Contact a consultant for a quote within 24 hours.