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Triptych Baguette Diamond Ring

18ct white gold diamond three stone ring in our Tryptych range, set with three baguette cut diamonds, shown here with the following sizes:

One Baguette cut diamond = 0.30ct I VS

Two Baguette cut diamonds = 0.16ct I VS

In this timeless design, we combined the simplistic and parallel lines of emerald and baguette cuts with the flat surfaces of the band.  Unique in its simplicity and a beautiful variation on the 3-stone theme.  The sleepy elegance of these step-cut diamonds is appreciated by those who understand diamonds. You can change the colour and quality of the metal and the size of the diamonds to fit your budget and preference. This ring is available by order only. Delivery time is up to three weeks.

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A three-stone ring, aka a trilogy ring, has been popular since medieval times, and its symbolism has varied over centuries. In medieval and renaissance times it represented the Holy Trinity, other times the sky, earth, and sea. Or father, mother, and child. More recently the three stones were thought to represent Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Whichever meaning speaks to you, a 3-stone ring will always have a special place in a woman’s heart.  Our three-stone collection carries the name Triptych, meaning a work of art consisting of 3 parts.

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