Selling Your Jewellery

Do you need to sell your jewellery? Here is good advice offered by Dr Petre Prins:

You may own or have inherited unwanted jewellery, and wish to sell it. Where to go? Where not to be ripped off? Below are different routes to take, each with its own restrictions.

  • You can obtain a cash offer from a dealer who has a 2nd Hand buy-in Permit. You need to provide ID Documentation and a home address. Expect to be paid by bank transfer. This is the quickest way to sell jewellery but will result in the lowest value. Normally a buyer will make you an offer that will not stand for long.
  • You can leave your jewellery with a reputable jeweller if he/she is prepared to sell it on your behalf. He should provide a proper receipt with photos of your items. Ask for a minimum value which he thinks the item will fetch. This value should be more than the cash value. No dealer/jeweller will guarantee when the item will be sold. If you expect too high a price, the item may never sell.
  • An auctioneer will give an approximate value at which he is willing to auction items. An auction value is normally wholesale or scrap value and you need to pay the auctioneer his fee of 10-12%. The buyer will also have to pay 15-17% plus vat on the hammer price.
  • NOTE: Prins & Prins is one of the few jewellers granted a 2nd Hand Permit to buy in old jewellery from the public. You are welcome to make an appointment and we will advise you on the best way to dispose of your jewellery.
  • You can sell your jewellery to family or friends, which should produce the highest value. Offer it to them at well below retail price. It may not be wise to advertise your valuables in the newspaper or internet as the wrong type of person may want to see them at your home.

Be Safe. Email or visit your trusted jewellery consultants for them to offer you tailor-made advice depending on your needs and your items you wish to sell. Our advice is free.













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Prins & Prins Guarantee


We guarantee all Diamonds, Tanzanites or Gemstones purchased from us are natural unless stated otherwise, and that the complete item has all the characteristics as stated on the item’s accompanying documents at the time of sale.


Should it be proved that the characteristics of the item(s) are different from what the accompanying documents state, or that there are manufacturing faults present in the item, then Prins & Prins pledges to replace the item with one that meets, or exceeds, the item’s original specifications.


This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:


  • The item must be returned to us, undamaged, unworn and unused in its original state, together with all the original paperwork issued at the time of sale.
  • The purchaser allows us to:
  • Inspect the Jewellery and any documentation you wish to submit, and obtain a 2nd opinion.
  • Remove the stone(s) if required) from its setting(s) to allow a gemmological examination.
  • Have the stone(s) examined by an independent accredited gemmological laboratory.


Should you wish to claim under this guarantee, you need to do so within thirty (30) days of the purchase date, where after we will respond as soon as possible, or within thirty (30) days.

Please direct all correspondence to, or visit Prins & Prins Diamonds at 66 Loop Street, Cape Town South Africa.


This guarantee becomes null and void should we find the item has been damaged, or that any repair or alteration work has been carried out on the item by a jeweller other than Prins & Prins, after the date of sale.


Should it be found that the item(s) conforms to the conditions and characteristics as stated at the time of purchase, all costs involved will be for the claimant’s expense.

All commodities worldwide are traded in US Dollar. Our items, however, are quoted, sold, returned or exchanged in South African Rand, based on the Rand/US$ exchange rate.

This guarantee is done without prejudice.


For further information, you are welcome to consult the South African Consumer Protection Act.












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