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Sneak Preview: Glittering Masterpieces Celebrating Fynbos Jewels

What does Prins and Prins have to do with fynbos? Read further to find out more about a unique and exciting collection of exquisite fine jewellery.

This year, June 2014 marks the end of Kirstenbosch botanical garden’s centenary. For 100 years, Kirstenbosch Gardens have loving grown and nurtured, protected and showcased the wonderful and unique flora indigenous to the Western Cape. Fynbos has often been referred to as one of the Cape’s true jewels. This has given birth to the creative inspiration of Mr Chris Reader to commission designs from South Africa’s top jewellery designers and manufacturing jewellers.


Prins and Prins is but one of the jewellers delighted to have been a part of the creation of the most beautiful and artful collection of jewellery seen in quite some time in South Africa. The collection, named ‘The Kirstenbosch Crown Jewels’ is currently housed in the showroom of Prins and Prins. Later on this year the collection will be auctioned to raise funds for education and for increased public awareness of our other seven national botanical gardens.

The collection of jewellery is inspired by varieties of fynbos seen in Kirstenbosch Gardens, and also the fauna which live in symbiosis with these jewels of the Cape. The collection is predominantly made in platinum. Jewellers have also incorporated magnificent hues of blues and greens, oranges and pinks, rich violet and blue of Tanzanite and the myriad colours achievable with the ancient art of enamelling. If your interest has been caught, you can preview the majority of this collection at Prins and Prins, or keep an eye on the press for news from Kirstenbosch of their grand opening and auctioning of the collection later on this year.

The first sneak preview of the Kirstenbosch Crown jewels coincided with our the official opening of our museum. The Museum of Gems and Jewellery is now open for tours at our Prins and Prins headquarters. There will be more about this grand opening in another post. The function was attended by many special guests, including the South African minister of Tourism. Our museum opening was officiated by our Cape Town deputy mayor who cut the ribbon, and guests thoroughly enjoyed the interesting exhibits, lovingly put together by Dr Petre Prins.

Come visit us for a tour, or call reception on 021 422 1090 for more information or bookings. The museum and all Prins and Prins tours are free of charge.

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