COVID will pass, and tourists will return…!

Since the early 1990s, Prins & Prins Diamonds provided fine diamonds and jewellery to overseas tourists, and since April this year, we are in the same boat as other small and privately funded businesses that are dependent on tourism. We believe our approach to the Covid crisis will keep us afloat and may inspire independent tour guides, operators and guest house owners.

Our COVID credo:

Those who will benefit when tourism resumes are the ones who remained positive and had used the lockdown to restructure and renovate their businesses. Now is the time to prepare for reaching and serving clients in a new and novel way and to develop products geared to the needs of the post-Covid traveller.

Be Prepared – Borders are opened – Tourists will return (even if we need to wait a bit….)


A few things to consider before tourists return:


•    Update and streamline your existing client

•    Reconnect with existing clients via e-mails, WhatsApp, SMS and personal phone calls. Too many unneccsary e-mails clutter our inboxes  – would a personal postcard not be more effective? Invite them to re-visit the safe and beautiful Western Cape.•    Secure a post-Covid supply chain as many of your usual suppliers may not have survived.

•    Establish new industry partnerships – The Prins&Prins COVID Relief Scheme for Tourguides as example.

•    Do Internet research on:
a)  overseas competitors and innovative products they offer
b)  the expectations of the post-Covid tourist
c)  guidelines from tourism organizations.

•    Develop new products focused on the post-Covid zeitgeist, for example:
a)  add new services such as food delivery, picnics, self-drive and stay packages
b)  do not over-charge
c)  promote the natural beauty of the Western Cape and the fascinating change
in landscape over short distances
d)  support the value chain in rural areas, highlight diverse cultures and local attractions.•    Revamp your website, update your online booking portal(s), or put one in place if you do not have one.•    Improve social media marketing with the storytelling of local attractions.•    Implement new technologies such as virtual reality, podcasts, etc.

•    Train your staff in the required health and safety protocols, and do a refresher with your staff in customer relations.

•    Change your check-in procedure to a digital and touchless operation.

•    Introduce a guest messaging system for reservations, refunds and cancellations.

•    Set up a plan in case a visitor falls ill.

•    Get to know your guests better before arrival, plan a more personal service.

•    Ensure your guests will be able to download the national tracking app.•    Ensure the availability to visitors of e-booking and e-tickets for restaurants, sights and entertainment.

•    Stock up on good quality PPE for your staff and guests.


Guidelines on the arrival of your visitors

•    Implement on-site health and safety protocols, clean all surfaces regularly.   Keep physical distancing in all common areas. Provide staff and guests with good quality PPE.

•    Before their arrival, SMS information to visitors on rules and regulation in place locally, and nationally.

•    Communicate protocols and the responsibility of visitors and keep a record of their information.

•    Assist guests with downloading the national tracking app.


Be assured: Prins & Prins Diamonds will be ready to provide a safe and secure environment and service
to those of your clients wishing to cap their visit with a sparkle from
the Land of Diamonds, Gold and Platinum.