What our jewellery offers tourists

Tour guides may wonder how to promote jewellery made in South Africa.
Here are some pointers. Tourists visiting South Africa, often referred to as the Land of Diamonds, Gold, and Platinum, have a unique opportunity to acquire exquisite diamonds and precious metals while enjoying an authentic and enriching experience. Here are compelling reasons why purchasing these treasures in South Africa is a must:

1. Authenticity: South Africa boasts a rich mining heritage, and its diamonds, gold, and platinum
are mined under strict ethical and environmental standards. Buying these gems and metals here
ensures the authenticity of your purchase.
2. Superior Quality: South Africa is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest diamonds,
with exceptional clarity, color, and cut. You’ll find unparalleled quality and craftsmanship when
shopping for jewellery.
3. Competitive Prices: The local production of diamonds, gold, and platinum means these
commodities can be found at competitive prices compared to other markets. Also, the operational
cost of local goldsmiths and retailers are much less than that of overseas companies. You can
potentially acquire luxurious pieces at a very reasonable price.
4. Duty free purchases: Overseas visitors can claim back the VAT on leaving South Africa.
5. Unique Mementos: Owning a piece of jewelry or a trinket made from South African diamonds or
precious metals provides a unique and meaningful souvenir of your visit. It carries the essence of
the country’s history and beauty.
6. Supporting Local Economy: Purchasing locally-sourced diamonds and metals contributes to the
South African economy and supports mining communities, fostering sustainable development in
the region.
7. Customization: Many jewelers in South Africa offer customization options, allowing you to
design your own bespoke jewelley piece, making it a truly personal and memorable investment.
IN CONCLUSION, buying diamonds and precious metals in South Africa is not just about
acquiring beautiful treasures; it’s also about experiencing the culture, history, and authenticity of this remarkable land. It’s an opportunity to take home a piece of South Africa’s extraordinary

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