Fancy Yellow Diamond Triptych Ring- Sunshine Symphony

18k white gold, Handmade.

Diamonds: 1.937ct vivid fancy brownish yellow round brilliant cut,

Side Diamonds: 2 = 0.54ct cognac, pear cuts.

A traditional three-stone ring is transformed into a sparking joy of sunshine.  And to add interest, the shape and the colour of the flanking diamonds are as unusual as they come. A perfect combination of classic elegance with exuberant colour contrasted by its brilliant white Rhodium plated 18K white gold setting. A show-stopper from sunny South African shores.

NOTE: Fancy yellow diamonds can have shades of other colours such as orange or brown. The rarest fancy yellow diamonds are those with a pure intense yellow colour, called Canary Yellows, or those with an orange or green overtone.  Depending on the intensity of the yellow a Canary Diamond can cost more than US$10 000 per carat.

You can change the colour and quality of the metal and diamond to fit your budget and preference. Call one of our designers today.