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Terms and Conditions for Jewellery Repairs, Pearl and Bead re-stringing, Valuations and Re-sizing of rings

If and when you leave your jewellery with us for any of the above services,  you warrant that you are the legitimate owner, that you are legally allowed to enter into agreements, and that you accept all risks and indemnify Prins & Prins against any claims, loss or damage that may result from our handling and repair of your items.

On leaving items with us, you will receive a take-in note or a copy of our order form, on which a general description of your jewellery, the type of service required, the expected date of completion and your contact details are written. Please retain this and present it on collection.

Prices, Deposits and Quotations

If you request any of the above services, a Prins & Prins consultant will indicate if your items are suitable for the required service.  If suitable, you will receive a free price quotation, valid for seven days, with no obligation to accept. If our workshop needs to assess your items and a quotation cannot be given immediately, it will be sent to you via email or SMS, which you will have to accept before we can proceed with the repair.

Upon acceptance of our quote, you may be requested to pay a deposit before we proceed with your order.

If you want a ring re-sized, our consultant will measure the size of the specified finger.   Please be aware: the measurement of finger size can vary depending on the outside temperature, the use of certain medications, whether you partook in physical exercise earlier, and other factors.

Also, not all rings can be resized. Various factors such as the ring width, the style of ring, style of stone settings, metal type and the composition of the metal alloy determine whether a ring is re-sizeable. Rings made of Titanium and Tungsten cannot be resized and have to be re-made.

Resizing fees depend on whether the ring is still under warranty, the condition of the ring, the metal and alloy the ring is made of, how much metal is required for resizing, how much labour is required, whether the diamonds or coloured stones it contains need to be removed and reset after sizing.

You should know the integrity of the ring gets compromised during each sizing and that a tiny mark or colour difference may be visible as the solder used is differently alloyed for it to melt at a lower temperature.  We thus recommend a maximum of 3 re-sizings during a ring’s lifetime.

Some imported mass-produced rings are made from unusual alloy compositions, to facilitate easy metal flow during casting, and may have lower melting points than the alloys our local goldsmiths are used to. Damage can occur to such rings if it has a lower melting point than the commercially available solders.

Completion Dates and Collections

Our consultant will give you an expected completion date or you will receive it via email or SMS. This date is an estimate and delays will be communicated where possible.

Once your repaired jewellery is ready for collection our consultant will notify you via contact details as supplied to us.

When jewellery is repaired professionally, it offers an opportunity to reassess its value. Please ask your consultant to quote on a new or updated “Valuation Certificate for Insurance Purposes,” if so required.

You must inspect your repaired jewellery upon collection. If the repair meets your expectation in terms of look and quality, you will be required to sign a confirmation of collection, which will be proof that your order has been executed to your satisfaction. If you have paid a deposit the outstanding amount has to be paid before collection.

Jewellery left with Prins & Prins for any of the above-mentioned services must be collected within 90 days from the date on which we notified you it was ready for collection.  If you failed to collect your jewellery within this period, it will be deemed abandoned by you and we reserve the right to sell the item(s) to cover our costs of work done. In the event your jewellery is sold by us to cover our costs, you expressly indemnify us and waive any claim for loss or damage incurred as a result, whether directly or indirectly of your jewellery being sold.

Liabilities and Indemnities

In addition to the indemnity mention in our opening paragraph, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • While Prins & Prins shall at all times take reasonable care of your jewellery, you confirm that you accept all risks of possession, damage or loss of whatever type that affects your jewellery, including but not limited to any damage, whether direct or consequential, caused by any act or omission on the part of our employees, subcontractors, technicians or any other party, including but not limited to it being caused by negligence or otherwise.
  • It is your responsibility to notify your broker and/or insurer that you have handed your jewellery to Prins & Prins and to ensure that your jewellery is suitably insured against any loss, theft, damage or any other insurable event while in the possession of Prins & Prins, irrespective whether such damage or loss occurred at our premises, or during transport to, or at the premises of our sub-contractors, technicians or any other party who handles your jewellery in the normal course of business. You will ensure that such cover complies with the terms and conditions as may be contained in your insurance document and shall under no circumstances attempt to assign such responsibility or obligation to Prins & Prins.
  • We do not acknowledge or make any statement regarding the supposed identity. quality and condition of your jewellery and/or of its nature, number, size, colour, clarity and /or any other characteristics of stones it may contain, unless expressly recorded and stated to the contrary and in writing on our official stationery, order or take-in documents, signed by one of our authorized representatives.
  • In addition to the risks inherent with jewellery repairs described in section 1, your jewellery, to complete the repair as requested, may be exposed to certain mechanical and/or chemical and/or heating processes which pose a real risk that items may crack, break, discolour, reduced in size and appearance or otherwise damaged. While we are extremely careful and will attempt to avoid or limit such eventualities, you expressly indemnify us against any claim for loss or damage which occurred, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of such eventualities.
  • If asked for identification, certification and grading reports, valuations for insurance replacements reports or merely an opinion of the value of your gems and/or jewellery, we will do so with diligence and care using industry-accepted measurements, tools and techniques as far as the items allow such use. Values of diamonds and gemstones are based on estimates of quality while the stones are set (unless stated they were removed) and per our best knowledge and belief.
  • Any documents supplied to you is for your use and benefit, and upon your request, under the condition that neither Prins & Prins nor its staff can in any way be held responsible for any claim which might arise on the strength of these documents. You hereby indemnify us against any claims for loss or damage incurred, whether directly or indirectly, suffered due to reliance on any opinion, certification or valuation provided at your request, where such opinion, valuation or document contains any factual inaccuracies and/or errors.

Thank you for entrusting us with your jewellery.  Every care will be taken with your loved items.  Rest assured of our best attention, always.


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