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Return to Upgrade Policy

Prins & Prins offers the following “return to upgrade” policy to all our clients. This offer is quite rare in the diamond trade as diamonds worldwide are sold on a machel und brocha basis, meaning once paid the deal is done.


The item must be returned to us, undamaged, unworn and unused in its original state, together with all the original paperwork issued at the time of

You allow us to inspect the jewellery and any documentation you wish to submit, and consult for a 2nd opinion.

You give permission for us to remove the stone(s) (if required) from its setting(s) to conduct a gemological examination for your claim.

Allow us to have the stone(s) independently examined by an independent accredited gemological laboratory

Should you wish to claim under this guarantee, you need to do so within thirty (30) days of the purchase date, where after we will respond as soon as possible, or within thirty (30) days. Please direct all correspondence to, or visit Prins & Prins Diamonds at 66 Loop Street, Cape Town South Africa. This guarantee will become null and void should we find that the item has been damaged, or that any repair or alteration work has been carried out on the item by a jeweler other than Prins & Prins Diamonds, Cape Town South Africa, after the date of sale. Should it be found that the item(s) conforms to the conditions and characteristics as stated at the time of purchase, all costs involved will be for the claimant’s expense.

All commodities worldwide are traded in US Dollar. All our items however are quoted, sold, returned or exchanged in South African Rand, based on the US Dollar exchange.

This guarantee is done without prejudice.

For any further information, you are welcome to consult the South African Consumer Protection Act.

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