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Marquise Cut Diamond ‘Fanciful Affair’ Ring

Platinum ring with exquisite 2.24ct E SI2 marquise cut diamond ring set with 2=0.50ct trilliant cut diamonds, E-F VS. Jewellery Council Certificate included.

This impressive 3-stone diamond ring is designed to maximize the unique features of the marquise cut. The near absence of a bow-tie in this marquise attests to its ideal proportions, while the two equally white trilliant cut diamonds on the side, add to the overall sparkle. The elongated shape and pointed ends draw the eye up so your fingers will look longer and thinner.  The marquise cut also looks about 15% bigger than a round brilliant that weighs the same. And the price of a marquise is about 10% lower than that of a similar round cut diamond.  Truly, a beautiful stone and great value for money.

Interesting facts:  The marquise cut was created in the 18th century by a jeweller hired by King Louis XV. The King wanted a diamond-shaped like the mouth of his beloved mistress. The name refers to a rank in the royal family between Count and Duke, given by birth right, not marriage.