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Speak to our highly trained consultants who can tell you all about how diamonds are graded and priced, and help you choose the very best diamond for you. Our prices are the best in South Africa. Still, there is much to consider when buying your diamond.
Read through some information on diamond grading here, and call for assistance. We would love to hear your questions and help you make the diamond selection you will be delighted with.

“There is a perfect diamond for every customer. There is no wrong or right diamond shape. There is no wrong or right choice in colour and clarity too. The only factor that must remain constant with all diamond selection, is that the cut must be the best. The perfect cut is designed to maximise the beauty of each diamond. All other factors are a matter of preference, influenced often by price. No one wants a poor cut.”- Prins and Prins consultant.

Diamond buying is one of the rare pleasures of mankind. The tiniest diamond in an engagement ring has the same magic as a great stone bought for a princess. Both are unique, both were formed billions of years ago by unimaginable pressure and temperature deep within the earth. Then brought to the surface by violent volcanos , finally mined, cut and polished into the most beautiful of gems – the ultimate symbol of love and appreciation. No wonder man is prepared to pay so much for a diamond.

However, few people can identify a diamond or know its real value. And how many people know the difference between mass produced jewellery and a handmade item specially made by a master craftsman ? Not many. You thus need an expert to guide you through the pitfalls when buying a loose diamond or one set in jewellery.

Dr Petre Prins, owner of Prins & Prins Diamonds, a leading diamond merchant and goldsmith design atelier in Cape Town, offers the following advice:

When to buy: Few people realize that today, the price of our diamonds is unrealistically low. The world economic crises has caused the dollar price of most diamonds to decrease. At the same time the rand is extremely strong which means that the rand value of diamonds is currently lower than 5 years ago. If ever there was a right time to buy a diamond it is now. Celebrate an important milestone in your life – a diamond will serve as a lifelong memento with an appreciating value.

Where to buy: You should only buy a diamond from a reputable source who is a member of The Jewellery Council of South Africa. Today it is possible to make diamonds in the laboratory and to change their colour artificially. Fortunately, scientists can tell them apart. There is, however, a vast difference in the price of the real thing and the price of the man made one. Don’t be caught- consult an expert.
Remember that a diamond offered on the internet may look less expensive on paper, but may also sparkle less, and may be costly to return or exchange if you are not happy. The personal attention and advice of your jeweller, the samples that you can try on, and his after sales service of cleaning and re- valuation, are priceless.

What quality to buy: Determine your budget and your need. There is a diamond for every pocket. Ask your Jeweller to explain how diamonds are graded (the 4 C’s), or learn from the internet. Then look at a number of stones to see if you prefer size, colour, clarity or a specific cut, then buy the one that “speaks” to you. For engagement couples this is a wonderful exercise, the first major purchase they make together and a unique moment they can treasure forever – provided they buy the right diamond – the one that is meant for them.

A specially designed handmade item should cost about R2000 more than a similar mass produced item. But the handmade item will look and feel different (normally heavier) and the stones may be set better. For economic reasons more than 80% of all jewellery sold in SA is mass produced, mostly imported from the East. The prospective buyer should ask his jeweller to show him/her the difference and then decide if his budget can afford a handmade piece. You will never regret paying that little extra for a unique item of higher quality.

PRINS & PRINS – Your diamond experts
In every industry there is one company that sets the standard.

• Dr Prins has recently written “GEMS & JEWELLERY – the South African Handbook” – It describes the secrets, the workings and pricing of the diamond industry, and is a valuable guide to whoever is interested in Gems and Jewellery . You can buy the book from their offices at R265.
• Prins & Prins employs 3 graduate gemmologists who are able to identify and value any gemstone or jewellery item.
• You can browse through their large showrooms and can learn how cutters unlock the fire and brilliance of a rough diamond.
• Their goldsmith atelier creates award winning pieces in gold and platinum, and does repairs and restringing.
• Their international reputation for expertise and service, quality diamonds and gemstones, has been built over 38 years.
• You are invited to visit Prins & Prins in the historic Huguenot House, corner of Hout and Loop Streets. Their building is a fine example of Early Cape architecture with magnificently restored wall paintings and an indoor garden. It is well worth a visit.