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101 Unique Feautures of Diamonds, Part 2

MORE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT DIAMONDS, NUMBERS 21 – 38 In this, our 2nd part to this series, we present some more of the interesting and unique feautures of diamonds.

What makes South Africa Unique – Part 2 (other than diamonds…)

In this 2nd post in our series of what makes South Africa unique, we will be looking at our Geography. With so many incredible attributes, it is difficult to name only a few, but one of the most special to us we want to mention 1st is: Table Mountain has been officially inaugurated as one […]

PlatAfrica Awards 2012 – Prins & Prins Diamonds Jewellery Design and Manufacture

Prins & Prins Diamonds have always been commited to design and create masterly crafted diamond, tanzanite and gemstone jewellery. Realising how important it is to offer students/apprentices the oppurtunities to gain invaluable first hand experience in a working environment, we have been fortunate to work closely with the Mining Qualifications Authority for a few years […]

The secrets of diamond buying…

THE SECRETS OF DIAMOND BUYING When, where, what quality, which design Buying a diamond is one of the rare pleasures of mankind. The tiniest diamond in an engagement ring has the same magic as a great stone bought for a princess. Both are unique, both were formed billions of years ago by unimaginable pressure and […]