101 Unique Feautures of Diamonds, Part 2

MORE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT DIAMONDS, NUMBERS 21 – 38 In this, our 2nd part to this series, we present some more of the interesting and unique feautures of diamonds.

Unique Gem treasures from South Africa.

UNIQUE GEM TREASURES FROM SOUTH AFRICA Apart from diamonds, gold and platinum – the obvious big three South Africa has many gemstones found only here. One wonders how many locals are aware of this and why these unique treasures are not promoted with more pride to our overseas visitors. After all, what better way to […]

What makes South Africa Unique – Part 2 (other than diamonds…)

In this 2nd post in our series of what makes South Africa unique, we will be looking at our Geography. With so many incredible attributes, it is difficult to name only a few, but one of the most special to us we want to mention 1st is: Table Mountain has been officially inaugurated as one […]

101 Unique Feautures of Diamonds, Part 1.

Prins & Prins | loose diamonds

Few colourless gems possess the ability to break up white light into the dazzling colours of the rainbow. This ability of colour dispersion is just one of the myriad of attributes that diamonds have. In this, the 1st part of our series on “101 Unique Features of Diamonds”, we cover the first 20 of these […]