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Brown Diamonds

Are you a lover of all things sophisticated, elegant and rare? How about the finest cognac or champagne?

One of the most famous champagne diamonds is the Golden Pelican. It is a 69.93-carat, Fancy Champagne colored, Rectangular Emerald-cut diamond originally mined in South Africa. The stone was auctioned at Christie’s in the 1970s. Its estimated value is approximately an astonishing 3 million dollars.

Another very famous champagne coloured diamond is the Golden Jubilee. The diamond weighs 545.67-carats and is known as the largest faceted diamond in the world. The rough it was cut from was 755-carats and was discovered in the Premier mine in South Africa in 1985. As a gift for the 50th anniversary of his coronation, the Golden Jubilee was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997. Prior to this event, the stone was simply known as the “Unnamed Brown.” Its estimated value lies somewhere between $5-12 million dollars.

The brown colour in diamonds is generally the result of hydrogen and nitrogen causing the diamond to gain a brownish hue.

We have a beautiful and broad selection of natural brown diamonds in round brilliant cuts, cushion cuts, emerald cuts and even cognac colour heart shaped diamonds. For those who love something out of the ordinary, we can design your dream ring for you. A cognac can be set in a beautiful modern platinum design, or in an intricate antique style. Cognac, champagne colour and all brown colour range diamonds look rich in classic yellow gold. Or, would you like us to create you a design with delicate femininity in rose gold? You might be surprised to learn that diamonds with brown colour tend to be far less pricey than those with whiter colour.
Our professional consultants are ready to assist you with your choice.

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