Top 10 magical & unique locations to propose in Cape Town


Looking to propose? Here’s our top 10 locations to pop the question in Cape Town The Ultimate Guide to Romance: Top 10 Places to Propose in Cape Town Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship and pop the question? Cape Town, with its stunning landscapes, picturesque beaches, and enchanting atmosphere, provides […]

Charm Collection


The Charms Collection – Coming August Introducing Whimsical Enchantment: The All-New Charms Collection at Prins & Prins Diamonds Step into a realm where beauty meets magic, as Prins & Prins Diamonds unveils its mesmerizing Charms Collection. This captivating assortment is a celebration of individuality, mystique, and timeless allure. Every charm in this extraordinary collection tells […]

A Good Idea: Second-Hand Jewellery As An Investment

Rolex watch

If you’re fortunate enough to have some extra money, you might be tempted to invest it in securities like stocks or coins like bitcoin. What about something that has a little more… glimmer? Jewelry is the newest kind of cash, enabling those in the know to instantly convert pearls into significant rands. It is more […]

Tanzanite Cape Town

Tanzanite Cape Town jewellery. Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 in the Merelani Hills in Tanzaniawhich is the only locality where this unique gemstone is found. It wasadded to the Birthstone List in 2002 – the first new gem to be honouredwith such a status since 1912.Tanzanite exhibits rich violet-blue colours that are often due to heat-treatment.  […]

Unique Engagement Rings South Africa

unique engagement ring south africa

When it comes to buying a Unique Engagement Ring in South Africa, we offer a wide selection of diamond rings, Tanzanite as well as Gemstone rings. Prins & Prins has been Cape Town’s trusted jeweller for over 40 years, offering handmade jewellery and ring designs only of the highest quality. We specialize in natural diamonds […]


POST-COVID, THE SUSTAINABILITY OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WILL BE OF PRIME IMPORTANCE. When buying a luxury item or something as meaningful as diamond jewellery, the post-Covid consumer requires transparency on the origin and nature of their purchase, is sensitive to its carbon footprint and the ethics that underlie the production processes.  We realise that unsustainable […]