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Why we only sell natural diamonds

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The Contribution of Natural Diamonds to Global Well-being By selling diamonds that are mined, we will make a contribution to the well-being of millions of people worldwide. For Instance: Natural diamonds help provide access to healthcare for more than 4 million people. From solar-powered clinics to groundbreaking disease management programs, natural diamonds help build a […]

How to make your diamond look bigger


Maximizing the appearance of your diamond Most women prefer size to colour and clarity when choosing a diamond.  However, those who insist on a white colour and high clarity may have to settle for a smaller size diamond. No matter how large a diamond you pick for your engagement ring, there are design tricks and […]

Lab-grown diamonds will harm our tourist industry and spoilour reputation.

The Challenge of Authenticity Tourists buy diamond jewellery in South Africa as a memento of their visit and because it wasmined in “the Land of Diamonds and Gold.” But, if a jeweller inadvertently sells them a diamondwhich they later discover is a worthless lab-grown stone made in China, they may be mad enoughto sue the […]

What our jewellery offers tourists


Enhancing The Tourist Experience   Tour guides may wonder how to promote jewellery made in South Africa. Here are some pointers. Tourists visiting South Africa, often referred to as the Land of Diamonds, Gold, and Platinum, have a unique opportunity to acquire exquisite diamonds and precious metals while enjoying an authentic and enriching experience. Compelling reasons […]

Nobody wants to be a sucker

The Dilemma Of Deception How mad would you be to learn that synthetic moissanite is not ‘star dust’ nor ‘the most brilliant gem in the world,” or that lab-grown diamonds are not “eco-friendly with a close to zero carbon footprint,” as promoted, frequently and without shame, by sellers of lab-grown diamonds? If you bought an […]

What is a fair commission in the jewellery industry?

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Background Worldwide, most mall jewellers pay about ten percent of turnover to the landlord, while stand-alonejewellers gladly pay a commission to tour guides and concierges who bring clients to their doors. This is justified as the mall owner has to advertise to attract customers while a guide brings the client to the jeweller and often […]