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Why we only sell natural diamonds

The Contribution of Natural Diamonds to Global Well-being

By selling diamonds that are mined, we will make a contribution to the well-being of millions of people worldwide.

For Instance:

Natural diamonds help provide access to healthcare for more than 4 million people.

From solar-powered clinics to groundbreaking disease management programs, natural diamonds help build a healthier future for some of the world’s most remote, vulnerable communities.

Natural diamonds help provide access to education for children around the world, including over half a million children in rural communities. It allows the Botswana government to offer free education to hundreds of thousands of children every year.

The sale of natural diamonds contributes annually, to $16 billion of benefits for our world, which includes healthcare, jobs, education, biodiversity and infrastructure.

By selling a natural diamond we help to fund more than 400 woman-owned businesses across Africa.

When we sell an engagement ring with a natural diamond, it helps to protect the endangered Rhinos and safeguard 200,000 hectares across southern Africa.

The Diamond Route in southern Africa is a collection of eight conservation sites and nature reserves and a blueprint for the successful protection of some of the world’s most endangered species, It’s also a great destination for a honeymoon.

Natural diamonds vs man-made diamonds

Prins and Prins Diamonds have been selling natural diamonds for forty years and will continue doing so,


  • A natural diamond is one of the most unique gifts from Mother Nature.
  • It represents love and commitment – the ultimate emotions of humankind.
  • Diamonds made by man can be produced at will and can never be a store of value.
  • If you choose a natural diamond over a man-made one, your purchase will support the livelihood of people in the most remote corners of the earth – by nurturing business start-ups, allowing local workers to build new schools, roads and hospitals.
  • Your natural diamond helps protect the lives of millions of wild animals globally and save threatened species from extinction.


Man-made diamonds are produced in large factories, mainly in China, Russia and the USA, which provides jobs to only a few thousand workers globally.

A vast amount of energy is used to produce a synthetic diamond in the laboratory.

Little, if any, of the enormous profits made is ploughed back into the community.

Is there a choice?

Much of the above were supplied by the Natural Diamond Council. If you wish to read more on the contribution natural diamonds make the well-being of humankind, please go to their website.

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