Similar to a dentist, accountant, or anyone dealing with your personal information, a jeweller handles items which may be of great personal and emotional significance to you, often irreplaceable items which also may be of high monetary value. Your jeweller’s protocol when handling your valuables should thus be exemplary. Unfortunately, few people, sadly also some jewellers, are not aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the treatment of other peoples’ valuables.



Firstly, a jeweller should not only have respect for the products he/she deals in but show respect in the way he physically handles your valuables. After all, precious metals and gems are the rarest and most beautiful parts of Mother Earth. They deserve to be cleaned properly, to be handled with tweezers, displayed on a clean surface under a friendly light source.

Secondly, your jeweller should be an expert in identifying and evaluating gems and jewellery. Without this, his service is worth as much as his knowledge. Some jewellers, especially internet operators, claim to be experts but have more selling skills than product knowledge.

Thirdly, although you may have sufficient trust in your jeweller to hand him your valuables for cleaning, repair, valuation or brokerage, he still should adhere to a specific protocol when taking in your jewellery. For instance:

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