How to find her Ring Size

You want to surprise her but do not have her finger size. Here is what you can do.

* Play nonchalantly with a ring of hers and remember over which of your knuckles it goes perfectly. Your jeweller can then take the size of your knuckle.

* Measure with a caliper, or even a tape measure, accurately to half a millimeter, the inside diameter of her ring.

* Ask her if she knows her finger size, if not, suggest she has it measured by a jeweller. Because a woman should know that – for just in case.

But never, ever, draw a circle on the inside of an existing ring and think that is the correct size, or measure with string while she is asleep. Remember that her rings she wears will be worn on any finger except her engagement ring finger. Our team of experienced consultants are ready to assist you with advice and discussing an estimate size. Many rings can be resized after the big engagement, and often one needs to select an estimate size to keep that surprise element to your proposal. We are here to answer your questions.

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