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Gold and Creative Exploration

Does gold have celestial origins?

Two scientists put forward the theory that gold was introduced to the Earth when a meteor collided with our planet. Gold certainly does inspire celestial imagery when you see it glimmer in sunlight. Gold has a rich history of wars being waged over it and mankind has written many legends about this most beautiful precious metal. Rulers and wealthy people throughout all cultures have lauded gold as the evidence of their wealth. Gold is still the most desirable of metals today.

Every four years AngloGold Ashanti host a gold jewellery competition which provides the wealth of South African jewellery designers to dig deep into their creative wells and produce wonderful designs. Prins and Prins were asked to give a lecture on the possibilities of designing with gold. What can one do with gold, and what can one not do with gold? The limitations of gold go only as far as the final functionality of the piece. The jewellery design must be wearable, and must be durable. There is very little one can’t do with gold. This beautiful gleaming metal can be shaped and moulded into any form. It can have a high glowing polish or can be textured. Gold can be drawn out into thin wires to make delicate fine jewellery. Gold can be rolled into fine thin plate to make sweeping, gleaming lightweight forms. As a custom jewellery manufacturer, we love working and designing with gold.

For this AngloGold Ashanti competition, the students have to keep a limitation in mind. Only 500 grams of gold can be used. This may seem like a lot of gold? But gold is very dense and a half kilogram of gold does not have a very high volume. This was part of the discussion at the seminar. It was a wonderful inspiring day, for students, professionals and teachers alike. Watch this short film about the day.

Gold and Design Seminar

Prins and Prins manufactured two of the finalist’s pieces. Nadine Steenkamp’s piece was inspired by a San legend. Each link of the neckpiece folds and twists, and light reflects with every movement of the wearer. Robyn Harvey’s piece was inspired by the National Anthem: Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica. Each disc in the neck piece represents the sound waves of the Soweto Choir singing the national Anthem. See the short films below showing the manufacturing of the pieces, and the beautiful short film of the finalist pieces.

Manufacturing Anglogold Ashanti collection

Film of finalist pieces


Write us a note on our Facebook page and tell us what you think of these incredible pieces. We will have to eagerly await the announcement of the winners later this year. We wish all the best to Nadine and Robyn.


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