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Healing Gems

Since the beginning of recorded history, almost every culture – Indian, Egyptian, Mayan and Greek… and many Native peoples, has placed an extraordinary amount of value on precious gems. Gems came to be used in astrology as well, to counteract the negative influence of the planets.  In ancient eastern medicine, gemstones and gem elixirs played an important role in the healing process.

Even today, some cultures and certain spirited individuals attach metaphysical properties to gemstones. They generally believe, rather unscientifically, that gemstones are made up of minute crystals which are always in constant motion, and that each gemstone emits a specific energy frequency (vibration) that can heal specific ailments of the human body and/or influence a person’s state of mind.

This is achieved by what they call ‘crystal therapy’. Crystals can be carried or worn on the person and must be in contact with the naked skin, or they can be placed where their ‘healing vibrations’ can be felt by whoever comes close.   Crystal elixirs are made by soaking crystals for a few hours in water or other drinkable fluids.

Healing stones, also known as ‘Chakra Stones’, combine a specific vibration with a colour, and are believed to heal, or bring to balance the seven major chakras and thousands of minor chakras that make up the human energy field. Some gems can heal more than one chakra and there are many different gems for each chakra.

Sounds confusing ? For the uninitiated, yes, but real to the believer in such things.

                             Jyotish – The art of Vedic healing.

Since 3000 BC, a number of Vedic texts mention the use of gems, both in terms of astrology and healing.  In these texts nine Vedic astrological gemstones are mentioned. Each represents one of the nine major planets: See Table below.

Jyotish is a high art form of ancient Asia which combines the beliefs of mineralogy, planetary science and gemmology. It is the result of both Hindu and Indian sciences infused with the concepts of Vedic astrology. In India and elsewhere, the awareness of Jyotish beliefs are so vast that a non-profit organization known as the Planetary Gemologists Association (PGA) has been assigned to ensure its proper regulation.

The Jyotish gemstone list can be compared to the western world’s Birthstone list, but, when it comes to gem standards, the Jyoish gems must be completely natural, unenhanced and exceptionally clean (except for ruby and emerald) and must be of excellent cut, colour and clarity, and most importantly, they must possess a sweet ‘sattivic’ feeling. Jyotish gems must also be very large, weighing more than 5 carats.

If you’re interested in knowing your Jyotish planetary association, you should consult with a reputable and certified planetary gemmologist.

PLEASE NOTE : Prins & Prins and its gemmologists, unfortunately, cannot help you with these esoteric beliefs. We prefer to take a more scientific approach to the beauty and rarity of gems and regard them as valuable wonders of nature, to be appreciated and, above all, to be symbols of life’s important milestones.

If, for some people, gems do help to stabilize mind and body, that’s an extra wonder.


                             JYOTISH GEMS TABLE 

Planet Primary Gemstone Positive Influences Protection Influences
Sun Ruby Promotes nobility, dignity and power. You will be more confident. Protects from low self-esteem and rebellious intuition.
Moon Natural


Promotes sensitivity, stability and health. Your will be more respected and wealthier. Protects from over-reaction, stress, depression, over-sensitivity.
Jupiter Yellow


Promotes spiritualism and optimism. You will be a teacher of men. Protects from greed, selfishness and egotism.
Mars Red


Promotes originality and insightfulness. You will be wealthier and fortunate. Protects from mental illness, addiction and suicidal thoughts.
Rahu Hessonite Promotes rationality and dexterity. You will be more highly-respected. Protects from low concentration and deceptive behavior.
Mercury Emerald Promotes attractiveness, grace and elegance. You will possess more positive qualities. Protect from vanity, loss of libido and rapid-aging.
Venus Diamond Promotes spiritualism, intuition and subtleness. You will be wealthier. Protects from eccentricity, gambling and emotional issues.
Saturn Blue


Promotes discipline, humility, responsibility, You become affectionate. Protects from depression, anxiety, epilepsy and stupidity.
Ketu Chryso-beryl

Cat’s Eye

Promotes optimism, courage and compassion. You will be more popular. Protects from anger, irritability and impatience.


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