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How To Select Jewellery That Complements Your Skin Tone

GOLD JEWELLERY – White, green, purple, red or yellow ?


The traditional colour of gold jewellery is yellow and in cultures where gold has religious meaning, no other colour than yellow will be acceptable. Fashion in the nineties and thereafter demanded a “white” look and platinum and white gold jewellery became popular.


Yellow gold alloys are available in a variety of colours, from intense dark yellow to a paler yellow, or yellow with a greenish or reddish tint. Even red, pink or black gold alloys are available.


The skin tone of the wearer will indicate which gold colour to be worn. For instance, a pinkish skin will not look good with red or intense yellow colours, while dark or tanned skins are complimented with the warm colour of an intense yellow gold.

Even white gold can have different shades of white, depending on the alloy, its surface texture and whether or not it has been plated with rhodium. Greyish gold colours often look good with reddish or yellowish skins.


PEARLS – what type, what length ?


Pearls are versatile fashion items that never date. Its subtle colours make it user friendly and the various types and shapes available, allow the designer to create pieces for casual, day or evening wear.

Although the length of strings and the type of pearl are often dictated by the fashion of the day, you should be aware certain face types and skin tones are complimented by the correct selection of pearl jewellery.

For instance: Chokers look good on long slender necks, but a short, chubby neck needs a graduated string or several long strands.

Dark skins are complimented by gold or champagne colours while pale skins need white-pinks or creamy pinks.

Reddish skin, blonde and brunette hair match well with rose to creamy- rose coloured pearls.


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