Pantone – what is “Veri Peri”?

Tanzanite scores with Pantones new Colour of 2022”.

The Pantone Colour Institute has created a new hue for its 2022 Colour of the Year. It is a warm purplish blue with a tone darker than that of the well-known periwinkle colour and, appropriately, is named ‘Very Peri’.

Pantone could have selected a colour from their existing palette but chose to create a new colour to satisfy the modern consumer’s demand for innovation and transformation.

Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone director, stated: “PANTONE-17-3938, known as Veri Peri, brings a new perspective and vision of the blue colour family. This new colour encompasses the qualities of the blues. Yet, at the same time, with its violet red undertone, it displays a spritely, joyous attitude that encourages creativity and imaginative expressions.”

For decades, Pantone’s “Colour of the Year” has influenced the designs and materials used in the interior, fashion, and jewellery industries. In 2022, the inevitable popularity of purplish-blue colour schemes will be good for sellers of Tanzanite and sapphire. Specifically, Tanzanite often has a violetish blue colour that combines well with either white, rose or yellow gold. Gems such as sapphire, spinel, iolite, chalcedony also come in purplish-blue colours and will surely be popular in 2022. See photos below.

Veri Peri is also a colour well suited to enamel coatings often used in fine jewellery. Designers can incorporate the beautiful blue of butterfly, dragonfly, and swallow wings, the pastel blue of early morning skies, and the sea at sunset as motifs to produce enamelled jewellery of exquisite beauty.

Our designers can’t wait to use violetish blue gems in their future designs. Prins & Prins has a selection of purplish-blue Tanzanite, sapphire, spinel, and other gems for those with a taste for the in-fashion colour of 2022. Gemstones in shades of Veri Peri will be popular in the new year.

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