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How green is a Prins & Prins engagement ring?


Today’s customer wants certainty about a diamond’s journey from mine to finger, and how eco-friendly the precious metal in their ring is. Were it legally mined, in which country did the community benefit, and have the stone and metal a low carbon footprint? Today’s retail jeweller must be able to answer these questions without hesitation. Our engagement couples, especially, put a premium on the “greenness” of their ring.

Unfortunately, many sellers of natural as well as lab-grown diamonds are using the most
outrageous claims in greenwashing their jewellery. The use of certain terms like
carbon- neutral, eco-friendly, even sustainable, may in the future not be allowed. At Prins & Prins we strive to provide natural gems and precious metals with a carbon
footprint as low as possible.

We can claim the following:

  1. With our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Prins & Prins has solidified its position as a leading South African diamond house. Since its founding by Dr. Petré Prins in 1982, the company remains family-owned and has forged strong relationships across all supply chains in its over 40-year history. Through this, we can record the provenance of each diamond, ensuring complete traceability.
  2. As an independent jeweller we have complete control over the source of our products.
  3. Our precious metals are either recycled or sourced from registered suppliers, adhering to the “conflict-free” requirements specified by the United Nations.
  4. Our diamonds are from African soil, billions of years old, and mined under humane conditions. Natural diamonds sourced from Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa are known to be conflict-free and have a tremendous positive impact on local communities and citizens. We expect that others will follow us in the years to come and adopt a more transparent and engaging approach.
  5. Our expertise, the quality of our diamonds and their certification by GIA or EGL ensure your peace of mind.
  6. From sourcing to crafting the setting and mounting the diamond, we maintain control and tracks every step of the process for the consumer to see.
  7. We are making a positive impact by pledging to donate a portion of each sale made to visitors to our Gem and Jewellery Museum to the charity organization of Puppy Dog of former Miss Anneline Kriel.
  8. We offer bursaries to our staff, and were committed to the training of goldsmith interns since 2005.
  9. With our commitment to responsible luxury, we invite customers to embark on a journey that not only culminates in a remarkable natural diamond engagement ring but also supports the betterment of mining communities and brings clean drinking water to those in need.

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