What tourists want after Covid

The expectations of tourists in the post-COVID era have changed due to
the pandemic, lasting impact on travel. Travelers now prioritize various
factors encompassing cleanliness, flexibility, and authentic experiences.

* Firstly, tourists expect stringent hygiene practices in their journey.
Cleanliness protocols, sanitization stations, and contactless check-ins have
become standard expectations.

* Flexibility in travel arrangements is another key expectation. Two years of
uncertainty during the pandemic has made travelers cautious. They now
want to modify or cancel their plans without incurring hefty fees.

* Modern Technology, such as mobile apps for check-ins, digital guides,
and touch-less payments, have become integral to the travel experience. Augmented reality allows tourists to explore destinations virtually, before deciding their travel plans.

*Authentic and meaningful experiences are in demand. The pandemic
prompted a desire for genuine connections with the places they visit. Tourists are moving away from mass tourism and seeking immersive
encounters with local cultures, traditions, and cuisines. They want to
engage in activities that offer a deeper understanding of the destination and
its people.

For the latter reason alone, guides and tour operators can recommend their
visitors to Prins & Prins Diamonds for a free tour of their historic Huguenot
House (ca 1752) and a visit to their Museum of Gems and Jewellery. It will
be an authentic and enriching experience.

Please Call: 021 422 1090, to inform us of the date and time of their visit.

No 40b An unique opportunity for tourists to acquire a memento from the
“Land of Diamonds, Gold and Platinum.”
Visitors to SA have a unique opportunity to acquire exquisite diamonds and fine
jewellery while enjoying an authentic and enriching experience, for the following

1. Authenticity: South Africa boasts a rich mining heritage, and its diamonds,
gold, and platinum are mined under strict ethical and environmental standards.
Buying diamonds and precious metals here ensures the authenticity of your

2. Superior Quality: South Africa is renowned for some of the world's finest
diamonds and its diamond and gold expertise was developed over centuries. The
tourist will find unparalleled quality and craftsmanship when shopping for

3. Competitive Prices: The local production of diamonds, gold, and platinum and
the low operational cost of their goldsmiths and jewellers, mean you can often
find these precious items at a more reasonable cost than in other markets.

4. A VAT free export: On leaving South Africa, the tourist can claim back 15%
value added tax.

5. Unique mementos: Jewellery made in South African is a unique and
meaningful souvenir for the tourist. It carries the essence of the country's history
and beauty.

6.. Supporting Local Economy: Purchasing locally-sourced diamonds and metals
contributes to the South African economy and supports mining communities.

7. Customization: Many jewellers in South Africa offer customization options,
allowing you to design your own bespoke item, making it a truly personal and
memorable investment.
In conclusion, buying diamonds and precious metals in South Africa is not just
about acquiring beautiful treasures; it's also to experience its unique culture and

Your visitors will not find a better and more memorable diamond experience than
at Prins & Prins Diamonds.

Their Historic Huguenot House and Museum of
Gems and Jewellery offer free tours. Please phone our reception at 021 422
1090 to book your visit.

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